I Did a Thing: Anova Precision Cooker


So, I was browsing Instagram from my bed this morning, as I do. And I saw an ad for the Anova Precision Cooker. I’ve had an eye on this beauty for years, ever since their creation and this year I even had my finger on the trigger (or the add to cart button) but just couldn’t quite make it happen.

Well, the waiting is almost over. Just 3-6 more business days and helllooo precision cooker! They have a big ol sale on right now, I even splurged for the WiFi cooker. Only $119!


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Tis the season for too many personal questions. Last night I went to a family holiday party for the first time in 6 years. I think I might be better off skipping the next 6. Where have you been, where are you living, do you have a boyfriend, what does he do, where are you working, how long are you staying…

Needless to say I drank an entire bottle of red by myself – minus the half glass my drunk uncle knocked onto my white shirts – and stayed as far away from the smothering (but sweet) interrogation of my extended family.

I came home needing comfort food. Chocolate chip cookies get in my belly. And from that, this cake was born. Layers of moist vanilla cake with semi sweet chocolate chips, fluffy brown butter italian buttercream, dark chocolate and amaretto mousse, and of course – chocolate chip cookies, both in the base layer and as decoration on top.

Bitches wanted cookies, so I gave the bitch (me) cookies. NBD.

*Also, apparently today is #NationalCookieDay and any excuse to eat this and not feel guilty is fine by me*

chocolate chip cookie cake


I only slightly adapted these recipes, so I won’t bother typing them all out for you…

Chocolate Chip Cake – Add 1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips after all ingredients are mixed. I used 2 x 10″ pans, and only baked them for about 35 minutes.

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Absolutely no walnuts allowed, and I pressed the cookie dough into the same 10″ pans I used for the cakes, and baked for approximately 10 minutes each. Make sure they’re well sprayed and lined with parchment or you’ll have a hellova time getting them out. Use what cookie dough is left to make smaller cookies for the decoration on the top of the cake.

Chocolate Disaronno Mousse – Whip in 2tbsp of Disaronno at the very last second.

Brown Butter Buttercream – Add an additional 1/2 cup browned butter, make sure its at room temperature, whip in with the rest of the butter. I went pretty light on the frosting and used it all up, so if you’re looking for a clean fully covered cake, double the recipe.

And that’s that! Enjoy!


Wouldn’t That Be Good

Imagine the perfect chicken parm meets a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme.


So I’m thinking, brine the chicken breast, pound it out nice and thin and round, eggwash and ooooh maybe a crushed Dorito crust. Salsa instead of tomato sauce and shredded queso fresco with a little bit of ooey gooey nacho cheese. Layered with the crunchy totrilla shell, sour cream, lettuce, tomato and alll inside of a lightly toasted soft shell tortilla.

The perfect Mexican/Italian/American baby! Yum.

Asparagus Season

Did you know it’s asparagus season here on Prince Edward Island?



We have 3 rows of asparagus growing on the farm, and it’s only in its second year (from crowns, not seeds) so the stalks are skinny and easy to miss.

I’ve been learning a lot about asparagus lately – did you know it takes 4 years to get a true harvest from seed? And you have to let the stalks go to fern, or grow into wild and tangly flowery looking things so they can absorb enough sunlight to store their sugary starch and return the next year? White asparagus is just asparagus denied of sunlight, and the big beefy stalks you see in the supermarket come from asparagus plants that are 20+ years old!

It’s the beginning of the harvest season, and I’m doing everything I can to stay outside and learn!

The Beginning


I’m not sure I could tell you when I first fell in love with food. I was the kiddo making and selling different flavoured mudpies on the playground, trying whole baby octopus at the chinese food buffet, and writing out recipes for homemade peach bread. I planted a garden in my grandparents back yard and wasn’t satisfied with the things that would grow in southern Ontario, I demanded watermelon, corn, and pretty flowers in the same square meter. When applying for schools straight out of high school I thought cooking was an easy fallback plan, these days it’s clear the path I took that lead me to my passion. I’m a chef, a dreamer and a creative. I’m a weirdo and a constant over-thinker. I love food and my work, but this is my place to experiment. To throw my seeds in the air and watch them spread, uncontrollably. This is Chef Weed.