The Beginning


I’m not sure I could tell you when I first fell in love with food. I was the kiddo making and selling different flavoured mudpies on the playground, trying whole baby octopus at the chinese food buffet, and writing out recipes for homemade peach bread. I planted a garden in my grandparents back yard and wasn’t satisfied with the things that would grow in southern Ontario, I demanded watermelon, corn, and pretty flowers in the same square meter. When applying for schools straight out of high school I thought cooking was an easy fallback plan, these days it’s clear the path I took that lead me to my passion. I’m a chef, a dreamer and a creative. I’m a weirdo and a constant over-thinker. I love food and my work, but this is my place to experiment. To throw my seeds in the air and watch them spread, uncontrollably. This is Chef Weed.


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