Asparagus Season

Did you know it’s asparagus season here on Prince Edward Island?



We have 3 rows of asparagus growing on the farm, and it’s only in its second year (from crowns, not seeds) so the stalks are skinny and easy to miss.

I’ve been learning a lot about asparagus lately – did you know it takes 4 years to get a true harvest from seed? And you have to let the stalks go to fern, or grow into wild and tangly flowery looking things so they can absorb enough sunlight to store their sugary starch and return the next year? White asparagus is just asparagus denied of sunlight, and the big beefy stalks you see in the supermarket come from asparagus plants that are 20+ years old!

It’s the beginning of the harvest season, and I’m doing everything I can to stay outside and learn!


The Beginning


I’m not sure I could tell you when I first fell in love with food. I was the kiddo making and selling different flavoured mudpies on the playground, trying whole baby octopus at the chinese food buffet, and writing out recipes for homemade peach bread. I planted a garden in my grandparents back yard and wasn’t satisfied with the things that would grow in southern Ontario, I demanded watermelon, corn, and pretty flowers in the same square meter. When applying for schools straight out of high school I thought cooking was an easy fallback plan, these days it’s clear the path I took that lead me to my passion. I’m a chef, a dreamer and a creative. I’m a weirdo and a constant over-thinker. I love food and my work, but this is my place to experiment. To throw my seeds in the air and watch them spread, uncontrollably. This is Chef Weed.